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Rutgers Recap

Look mom!  A tight end!  AND he's got the football!

Look mom! A tight end! AND he's got the football!

The State University of New Jersey came to Morgantown this weekend and left with a loss, just as we had thought. Now there were some of us, myself included, who thought the final score would be significantly more lopsided. There are also some of us, myself included again, who will take it.

It wasn’t pretty, but it was effective. Despite the lack of a lopsided score sheet, the ‘Eers pretty much dominated the day. JB looked good again as the wild card (cue Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in Philiadelphia: “wild card!”) but also ended up finishing the day under center. That’s because, of course, Pat White couldn’t finish the game again this week. Now, I’m hoping this is because the coaching staff is handling #5 with caution so we’ll have him down the stretch. The problem is, it also could be that a regular human being is not meant to take the beating that White has taken during his career in Morgantown. Despite not being a pretty win, and it really wasn’t pretty, I still think the ‘Eers are capable of running the table in conference and moving on to the BCS. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in Morgantown who thinks that, but I do.

Reed Williams will redshirt which sucks, but isn’t that big of a deal because the defense is easily our most effective unit right now. (I can’t believe I just typed that). We also threw the ball to a Tight End for the first time in 3 seasons when White found Tyler Urban for a first quarter score. For those of you who don’t believe me, there’s photographic evidence at the top of this post.

All told, the most exciting part of Saturday afternoon was in the student section, where anyone wearing red was fair game. I witnessed one Rutgers fan walking up the aisle being mercilessly heckled with chants of “asshole”. This is behavior that I condone. Unfortunately, this Scarlet Knight decided that the best course of action was to throw a punch at the nearest Mountaineer fan. This is not behavior I condone. The entire section responded in kind, beating on this kid before security hauled him out of the upper deck with a bloodied face. I will make this clear for anyone who might have thought differently: the student section at Mountaineer Field is no place for children, the elderly or opposing fans. Seriously.

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