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Let’s talk about the weather

Looks like the Mountaineer blog-o-sphere is up in arms about what the weather is going to be like in Greenville this weekend. West By God Virginia posted this picture:

Looks like the same play we call for #5

Looks like the same play we call for #5

Michael Casazza also reports that both coaches are paying attention to the possibility of playing this weekend’s contest in a deluge:

Stewart said he forced the Mountaineers to practice outside in the rain one day last week rather than head inside the Caperton Indoor Facility.

“They thought I was crazy,” he said. “I knew we’d have a rain game. I didn’t know it’d be a big, big rain game.”

The Pirates do not have an indoor facility and Holtz said the final two weeks of practice before the season opener were dotted with rainy days.

“It’s very difficult to simulate playing in the rain until you actually go out and do it,” Holtz said. “If you just get the ball wet, it doesn’t get your arms and hands and pants wet. The best way to train for the rain is to practice in it and we’re fortunate to have had some opportunities.”

Holtz said he might turn the sprinklers on “all week so there’s about 27 inches of rain on the field whether we get anything Saturday or not so we can try to slow the West Virginia offense.”

He’ll also throw buckets of water on the ball right before the snap in practice just so everyone gets used to handling a wet ball. The Mountaineers have similar ideas in place.

That said, Stewart told everyone to come to the game without umbrellas.

“You won’t need them,” he said. “That thing’s going to kick east and blow out into the ocean.”

Holtz disagreed and encouraged fans to pack umbrellas.

“Even if it doesn’t rain,” he said, “the sprinklers will be on.”

This one should be entertaining. I love watching football in the rain. Playing in all weather is one of those things that sets football apart from most other sports. Here’s hoping we mud our way through it. I’m rooting for us to run the ball a little more than we did against Villanova, and this will set up a situation where we’ll almost be forced to.

Enjoy the first game of the NFL’s season tonight, and I’ll see you tomorrow with my East Carolina preview.

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