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The Boys in the Bigs: NFL Teams trim rosters to 53, many ‘Eers left behind

As NFL teams break camp and gear up for the year it’s time to catch up with some former ‘Eers. By all looks of things Owen Schmitt seems a great fit for the Seahawks offense, and Steve Slaton is going to get his shot in Houston.

I think

I think we've seen this move before.


This man should get the football early and often.

Other former Mountaineers, however, weren’t so lucky. Ryan Mundy was placed on the Waived/Injured List by the Steelers, Johnny Dingle was Waived by the Chiefs, Marc Magro was waived by the Rams and Dan Mozes and Dee McCann were waived by the Vikings while Darrius Reynaud was placed on their practice squad. It also appears that ten-year league veteran Gary Stills may have played his last snap.

Of all of those cuts the one that burns me the most is Mundy. That kid had the inside path of any of those guys to make his squad. He made his first two tackles in the preseason’s first week and then was immediately injured by an after the play cheap-shot. For a kid on the bubble and injury in training camp is a career killer. I hope he eventually makes the Black and Gold’s practice squad because that secondary needs help badly and is one or two injuries away from hiring people off of the street.

As anticipated, Marc Bulger, Jerry Porter, John Thornton, Anthony Becht, Chris Henry and Pacman were all retained by their teams.

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