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10 Things That Will Go Down Tomorrow: Syracuse

Welcome home.  This is a little bigger than Pony Lewis Field, isn't it?

Welcome home. This is a little bigger than Pony Lewis Field, isn't it?

It’s homecoming weekend in Morgantown, so you know what that means, right? Don’t go downtown this evening. There’s a parade and the traffic will be awful. Oh, right, and we play Syracuse tomorrow. I was wondering in that “if a tree falls in the woods” sort of way: who does Syracuse play for homecoming? Does Oneida have a team? Just wondering. I’ve looked into the Magic 8 Ball and I’ve decided that the following will go down at stadium tomorrow:

  1. Pat White finishes the game. Bold prediction, I know.
  2. Syracuse keeps it closer than we would like throughout the first half infuriating fans.
  3. Racist West Virginians take out their displeasure at The Express by hurling epithets at the opposing bench. Wait, I’m pretty sure that usually happens.
  4. Noel Devine slices and dices, and embarrasses a couple of members of Orange D.
  5. Morgantown native and Syracuse kicker Patrick Shadle is both cheered and jeered. The closer the game, the less the hometown crowd likes him.
  6. Morty Ivy spends quite awhile in the Orange’s backfield.
  7. Chris Gunnoe, of U92 Sports, does a kick-ass job sideline reporting for ESPN-U. Unfortunately no one in Morgantown gets ESPN-U, so we’ll have to take his word for it.
  8. Bill Stewart uses the word “dagummit” in his halftime remarks.
  9. Prior to kickoff, hilarity ensues in the light blue lot. I can’t tell you what, but my sources point to it involving cold beer, deep fried turkey legs and a viking helmet.
  10. The ‘Eers lay a beating on the Orange and give them a little more confidence for their big Oct. 23rd showdown with the Auburn Tigers. The Tigers fired their Offensive Coordinator this week. That game is looking more and more winnable. C’mon people, who’s with me?

WVU: 35 Syracuse: 10

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10 Things That Will Go Down Tomorrow: Rutgers

If we had to face these guys, THEN I'd be worried.

If we had to face these guys, THEN I'd be worried.

It’s the eve of another gameday in Morgantown and, for the first time all season, the Mountaineers enter with some form of momentum.  Let’s face it, despite sending thousands of their own here to go to school, Jersey hasn’t fared well at Mountaineer Field.  In fact, Rutgers has never won here.  They won’t tomorrow, either.  This team has collapsed quicker than a High St. drunk and, without Ray Rice, they just don’t have the legs to stand on.  The following ten things shall occur:

  1. Boat loads of Noel Devine.  After last week’s coming out party, it’s time for #7 show he can be consistent week in and week out.
  2. Pat White airs it out a little more against an awful Rutgers secondary.
  3. The D comes up big and forces Mike Teel to throw into some awful situations, which turn into really good situations for WVU.
  4. Reed Williams stays on the sidelines, and the will-he-or-won’t-he redshirt soap opera continues.
  5. More interesting looks for Jarrett Brown.  This time JB hauls in a pass, albeit not a long one.
  6. Mark Rodgers gets a few more touches, this time as a back-up instead of only in garbage time.
  7. Schiano throws a headset.
  8. Assholes from New Jersey permeate the student section. Wait a second….
  9. Morty Ivy and Mike Teel get really, really close.
  10. I get up before noon, for a change.

WVU: 35  Rutgers: 9

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10 Things That Will Go Down Tomorrow: East Carolina


Tougher than the Pittsburgh Pirates.

We were about 40% accurate in last weeks “10 Things” column, so you know what that means…. you should believe everything I say. This week we go on the road to Greenville, NC to the least cream-puff of the cream-puff portion of our schedule. After smacking the Hokies last week, much to the delight of Mountaineers everywhere, ECU has been a really chic subject for the ESPN talk-arazzi. The point that they tried to make was, if the Pirates can upset us, then they’ve made a successful run through their non-conference slate and could be this years Boise St. or Hawaii. Sorry Mark May, that’s a bit of the reach. Here’s 10 things I think will go down tomorrow:

  1. Dirty uniforms. Thank Hanna for all the mud.
  2. The run game gets churning. Though we used to be able to bank on 300yds/game, I’ll be happy if we crack 200.
  3. Pat White’s aerial assault continues…
  4. …and the legend of Alric Arnett begins to grow. He hauls in two more.
  5. Lou Holtz tries to slather some compliments on his kid, and comes off sounding like a sad old man in the nursing home.
  6. Jock Sanders makes a splash on special teams.
  7. The D continues to give up more yards than makes me comfortable, but continues to bend but not break.
  8. Morty Ivy takes somebodies helmet off.
  9. Mountaineer faithful dominate the stands.
  10. East Carolina is reminded that you can’t win wearing purple.

We’ll be back Sunday night to see how we did. At the end of the day, I think Mountie fans will feel silly for having built ECU up in their heads all week:

WVU:35 ECU: 10


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Villanova Recap

Look ma! Downfield!

So the season is finally here, and I have got to say it couldn’t have opened in sweeter fashion. We made mincemeat of Villanova, as anticipated, but the out of town scoreboard gave us an equal number of things to cheer for. Having Pitt, Virginia Tech and Michigan all loose is the perfect compliment to a Mountaineer victory. But on to the game itself…

Pat White put on a show to ring in his senior season. At this point, it’s hard to be surprised by the things #5 can do, but this one took the cake. Lack of downfield passing has been our achilles heal the last couple of seasons and it’s nice to know that has been remedied. I think Alric Arnett could be a fitting replacement for Reynaud in the wide receiving corps and Jock Sanders played a great game as our ‘running receiver’. The most amazing thing is I’m left saying something I haven’t ever said as a Mountaineer fan: I would have liked to see us run the ball more. I don’t think we ran it poorly, like some have said, but that we just didn’t run enough, instead focusing on the passing game. Despite paltry numbers, I think Devine ran the ball well and should continue to have opportunities to break it open at any minute.

Obviously on the defensive side of the ball there are a lot of questions left to be answered. Looks like our guys love to hit but hate to cover. Hopefully as the season progresses that will be addressed. Morty Ivy came to play, and looks to be the guy for the rest of the unit to rally around. It was nice seeing McAffee boot a 52 yarder as well. For all the flak the kid caught for his performance against Pitt, I still think the kicking game is going to be one of our strengths this season.

East Carolina, fresh off stealing one from the Hokies, well be the the chic team for the talking heads to prattle on about all week with the “what ifs”, as in “what if they can beat West Virginia?” I’ve got good news though, they won’t.

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