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10 Things That Will Go Down Tomorrow: Rutgers

If we had to face these guys, THEN I'd be worried.

If we had to face these guys, THEN I'd be worried.

It’s the eve of another gameday in Morgantown and, for the first time all season, the Mountaineers enter with some form of momentum.  Let’s face it, despite sending thousands of their own here to go to school, Jersey hasn’t fared well at Mountaineer Field.  In fact, Rutgers has never won here.  They won’t tomorrow, either.  This team has collapsed quicker than a High St. drunk and, without Ray Rice, they just don’t have the legs to stand on.  The following ten things shall occur:

  1. Boat loads of Noel Devine.  After last week’s coming out party, it’s time for #7 show he can be consistent week in and week out.
  2. Pat White airs it out a little more against an awful Rutgers secondary.
  3. The D comes up big and forces Mike Teel to throw into some awful situations, which turn into really good situations for WVU.
  4. Reed Williams stays on the sidelines, and the will-he-or-won’t-he redshirt soap opera continues.
  5. More interesting looks for Jarrett Brown.  This time JB hauls in a pass, albeit not a long one.
  6. Mark Rodgers gets a few more touches, this time as a back-up instead of only in garbage time.
  7. Schiano throws a headset.
  8. Assholes from New Jersey permeate the student section. Wait a second….
  9. Morty Ivy and Mike Teel get really, really close.
  10. I get up before noon, for a change.

WVU: 35  Rutgers: 9

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