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10 Things That Will Go Down Tomorrow: Auburn

Bo don't know bubble screens.

Bo don't know bubble screens.

So, it’s been awhile. My apologies. I understand that an entire week without a post, in blog years, is like a decade. It will never happen again. Scout’s honor. The long lay-off following the lackluster homecoming game made for some surly folks up here in Morgantown. There’s been plenty of back and forth about the booing. The Mountaineer Maniacs are even trying to do something about it, for some unknown reason. Obviously the key to not getting booed has less to do with reporting the culprits and more to do with not looking like a middle school team on the field. I digress, however, and it’s time for another rose-tinted look at what will go down under the lights tomorrow night at Mountaineer Field:

  1. The return of Pat White. “Return” meaning not just onto the field, but back to his rightful spot in Mountaineer lore. I doubt it will be for statistical feats, since the offense just isn’t clicking right now. I’m envisioning a clutch play, probably the game-winner.
  2. More second level blocking by the O-Line. They don’t have to spring another 92-yarder, but I’m looking to see them pick off a couple of linebackers for decent runs.
  3. JB back in his wildcard role. This time, he throws one to #5.
  4. Lou Holtz lisps for three whole hours on the telecast. Mentions Hitler twice and DickRod only once.
  5. Auburns D stifles us for a very sizable portion of the game…
  6. …but a couple of big plays are all we need, and all we get.
  7. I manage to find a way into the stadium after getting the shaft from the University’s Rube Goldberg-esque student ticket distribution system.
  8. Big hits by JT Thomas and the linebacking corps and even a little pass coverage to boot.
  9. Big Mac makes a Big Kick and begins to redeem his reputation with those who don’t know any better.
  10. The season finally turns around.

WVU: 17     Auburn:  16

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