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10 Things That Will Go Down Tomorrow: Marshall

I wasn't worried about this guy, either.

I wasn't worried about this guy, either.

So, here we sit, on the eve of the second home game for the ’08 crop of Mountaineers. When I think back to what I thought before the season opener, and compare it to what I think now, I shudder. That said, I still feel like I’m one of the most optimistic Mountaineer fans out there, as I’ve heard everyone I know lambaste McAffee, Stewart and the Defense ad nauseum. Honestly, I still believe in all three and think that, with the help of good ‘ole #5, the ‘Eers are still going to turn in a successful season. Seriously. Win the Big East. It can be done. The rampant homerism will continue, and I’m optimistic about what’s going to happen against Marshall High School University tomorrow. Ten things that I think we’ll see at Mountaineer Field tomorrow:

  1. A little more downfield passing. But only barely.
  2. Pat White looking more and more like the Pat White we know.
  3. Marshall fans in the parking lot mistakenly saying “us” when referring to WVU. Because they, like, you know, root for us the rest of the year.
  4. John Sanders somehow working “Bending, bending….good” into the telecast.
  5. Jarret Brown inserted in the backfield, but not at quarterback…
  6. …and he makes a big play the first time he’s in the game…
  7. …and he gets hurt on the second play, reminding us what it means to be Mountaineer fans.
  8. Reed Williams makes big plays, and gets bigger cheers from the hometown faithful.
  9. Jock Sanders breaks one on a kick return.
  10. Post game, Stewart and Snyder compliment each other’s team enough to make you not believe a word of it.

WVU: 31 Marshall: 13

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