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10 Things That Will Go Down Tomorrow: UConn

Who's faster?

Who's faster?

Well, it’s back to the land of optimism for Mountaineer fans everywhere. We beat a good decent Auburn team, and we looked like the offensive juggernaut of old. All is well. Right? Right? Turns out, no one knows for sure, but with the rest of the conference seemingly unable to win a game, we should be fine. Just, you know, take care of business against a UConn team that is supposedly one of the better teams in the Big East. So why aren’t I excited, or even remotely concerned? Because this isn’t basketball. Without Jim Calhoun, I can’t believe the Huskies stand a chance. So tomorrow afternoon, while you nurse your hangover and wonder how that greasepaint got all over your thighs, I predict these things will occur:

  1. We run #5, repeatedly.
  2. The D doesn’t give up a touchdown. Bold, I know, but I feel like this defense is beginning to gel.
  3. Calhoun doesn’t look half as drunk as Huggins did in his sideline interview.
  4. Dorrell Jalloh runs wild in the secondary.
  5. Jeff Mullen makes a couple of interesting, but successful, play calls.
  6. JB gets back in the game on some “wildcat” type sets.
  7. Nate Sowers comes up with a big play for the Defense.
  8. Bubble screen. Works. Huh.
  9. We stay injury free. Knock on wood.
  10. Mountaineers cruise, but Stew gives the TV camera more than one of his ‘daggummit’ faces.

WVU: 27   UConn: 12

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