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10 Things That Will Go Down Tomorrow: East Carolina


Tougher than the Pittsburgh Pirates.

We were about 40% accurate in last weeks “10 Things” column, so you know what that means…. you should believe everything I say. This week we go on the road to Greenville, NC to the least cream-puff of the cream-puff portion of our schedule. After smacking the Hokies last week, much to the delight of Mountaineers everywhere, ECU has been a really chic subject for the ESPN talk-arazzi. The point that they tried to make was, if the Pirates can upset us, then they’ve made a successful run through their non-conference slate and could be this years Boise St. or Hawaii. Sorry Mark May, that’s a bit of the reach. Here’s 10 things I think will go down tomorrow:

  1. Dirty uniforms. Thank Hanna for all the mud.
  2. The run game gets churning. Though we used to be able to bank on 300yds/game, I’ll be happy if we crack 200.
  3. Pat White’s aerial assault continues…
  4. …and the legend of Alric Arnett begins to grow. He hauls in two more.
  5. Lou Holtz tries to slather some compliments on his kid, and comes off sounding like a sad old man in the nursing home.
  6. Jock Sanders makes a splash on special teams.
  7. The D continues to give up more yards than makes me comfortable, but continues to bend but not break.
  8. Morty Ivy takes somebodies helmet off.
  9. Mountaineer faithful dominate the stands.
  10. East Carolina is reminded that you can’t win wearing purple.

We’ll be back Sunday night to see how we did. At the end of the day, I think Mountie fans will feel silly for having built ECU up in their heads all week:

WVU:35 ECU: 10


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