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East Carolina Recap

Somewhere, Stew is still yelling

Somewhere, Stew is still yelling

First of all, you can come back inside from the ledge. Seriously. People love you, and you have too much to live for. Like basketball season. T-Minus 68 days!

But seriously, that was pretty bad. I don’t even know what to say. Some people have been grumbling about Coach Stew already, though I’m not going to take that route. I was going to hand out some blame here, but there’s too much to go around. We knew ECU was a good team. We knew they were primed and ready to get their shot at a top ten team. We knew the Defense had problems. We just didn’t know it was gonna be like that.

The thing that bothers me the most was that there was no rally. We’ve rallied from worse deficits against better teams (see Lousville, 2004). Even in the Pitt loss, Pat White had his “Willis Reed” moment where you knew we still had a shot, despite not getting it done. What kills me about this one was not that we lost, but the sluggish fashion in which we did it. The coaching staff could be seen on the sidelines pleading with players for more effort only to be met with blank, lifeless stares. When I saw the lack of emotion on our sideline in the 3rd quarter, I knew we were done.

The rampant homer-ism with which predictions were made for last weeks “10 Things….” column obviously paid no dividends, because I was dead wrong on everything. I couldn’t even predict the weather, but then again, I guess no one can.

While many Mountaineer fans proceed to jump from the “Go ‘Eers” to the “Fire Stew” bandwagons, I can tell you this: The Hills Have ‘Eers is in this one for the long haul. Despite looking like a team that will struggle to win 8 games this season, hope is not lost. All we have to do is win the conference and then we’re back in our third BCS Bowl in the four years of #5. I’ll take that any day of the week.

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