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Nichols, Gansey Head to Europe: Hilarity Ensues

Darris Nichols signed in Hungary this week, with the Atomeromu Se Paks of that country’s A Division. I will assume that that is the better of the two divisions, because it worked that way in Little League. I’ll also assume what I’ve read around the blog-o-sphere that this is a good European league. Sure. Gotcha. Whatever. The Hungarians seem enthused, though. Here’s the write up from Eurobasket.com. The excitement is palpable.

Darris Nichols (188-G) can be the point guard of hungarian top team Atomeromu SE. The american guard is one of the best rookie point guards on the european market and will arrive to Hungary soon to spend his tryout period with ASE. The 188 cm tall Nichols graduated this summer on the University of Western Virginia, where he had a great basketball career. He put up the best number in his junior season when he averaged 10.9 points, 4.6 assists and 2.9 rebounds per game and won the NIT championship. In his senior season he averaged 10.7 points, 3.3 assists and 3.2 rebounds per game and was leading his team into the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament.

Joe Herber also will have some competition in his league this year as his former teammate Mike Gansey has moved from Italy to Germany and signed with the Eisbaren Bremerhaven. Their name is German for the Bremerhaven Ice Bears and their team’s slogan, “Zeiht euch warm an,” translates into “Dresses You Warmly” or “Draws You Warm” depending on which free translation site you use. That means, of course that their slogan makes as much sense as this picture.

Apparently, it's very cold in Germany.

Apparently, it's cold in Germany.

Looks like the hilarity doesn’t end there, though. Like most air-travelers, Gansey apparently had a hell of a time getting there. From Michael Casazza of the Charleston Daily Mail:

“When we got to Hamburg airport it was a zoo. You couldnʼt even walk and the security line was a mile long. It was literally chaos. We checked in and after about an hour of waiting for the lines we finally got through. I guess 3 Iranian men just ran and stormed through the security checks and tried to fight the TSA workers and obviously were arrested and that is why they wouldnʼt let anyone through and many flights were stopped and canceled. What were they thinking just running though the place? Quite an interesting day at the airport.”

And I thought that sort of thing only happened in America.

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