Hoya means “what”?

Two teams play basketball.  One is obviously more physical, and dominates the boards.  The other runs a fancy offense that gets consistently disrupted, and moreover, their jump shots just don’t fall.  All told, one team muscles its way to victory, one lopsided enough that the losing team is too spent to really contest the outcome at the end of the game.  The teams jerseys say “Georgetown” and “West Virginia”.

I’ve seen that game over and over, but tonight was the first night they were switched.  Amazing that we did that to the school of Ewing, Mourning and Mutumbo.

I knew we would win when Ruoff finally buried a three after being Cruella Deville cold all night.

I knew we would win going away when he drove the lane and dunked on some helpless Hoya.

Don’t count this team out of the tournament yet.

Seriously.  Look at the schedule.  If they’re .500 in conference on February 1st, we’re going dancing.

(PS- I know this blog has been dorment.  My apologies.  Maybe that will change.)


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2 responses to “Hoya means “what”?

  1. Jeebus

    Frickin’ Bring on Pitt!

  2. An update! The world is ending.

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