Tommy Bowden’s coming to Morgantown.

Okay, okay, it’s not exactly what the headline makes it sound like. He’s not coming to coach. He’s just coming to partake in game day in Morgantown just like all the rest of us.

Clemson beat writer Paul Strelow mentioned it on his blog while inquiring about the Bowden family rivalry:

Next week’s game at Florida State would have marked the 10th Bowden Bowl. Asked him if that whole week will be awkward. He said his son and daughter will be going to the game, but he says he’s going to finally attend a game at his alma mater, West Virginia, and do some tailgating.

Hey, sounds like fun to me! I anticipate to see this in the light blue lot before next Saturday’s tilt with the ‘Nati:

Don't look so bummed Tommy, it's Gameday in Morgantown!

Don't look so bummed Tommy. It's game day in Morgantown!

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One response to “Tommy Bowden’s coming to Morgantown.

  1. aaronhawley

    So, something totally random I noticed while pulling off this brilliant piece of journalism, but don’t try this at work.

    Just type “Tommy Bowden” into google images and see what pops up.

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