Auburn Recap

Now this is what I like to see....

Now this is what I like to see....

FINALLY. I believe that’s the word on everyone’s mind the day after. The Offense looked like it’s supposed to look, the Defense came to play and there was little-to-no bumbling by the coaching staff. Great night to be in Morgantown.

Now, we do have to face the fact that this Auburn team is by no means the cream of the SEC. BUT, they are a formidable opponent and their defense is as good as any that we’re going to see in conference play. I thought the offensive play calls were good, and the execution was even better. There was more diversity last night then we’ve seen all season. If we look at the ‘Eers four touchdowns, each of them is unique in it’s own way:

  • Alric Arnett’s second quarter touchdown grab came from 44 yards out. Most touchdown passes we score from 40+ yards away are short passes and long runs. Not this one. Good ole #5 just uncorked one, went up top and hit his man in stride. Great play.
  • Dorrell Jalloh’s third quarter score, from two yards out (that’s right, we’re passing it in from 6 feet away) was a well designed pass play that was executed to perfection. Jollah’s man got confused as he cut through traffic and he was left wide open for the score.
  • Jalloh’s second TD, coming in the fourth quarter, was the opposite. White hit him on a short route and he then used his athleticism to break the play wide open. Sure. you could argue poor tackling on Auburn’s part, but not a lot of guys are going to make that play.
  • Finally, to ice the game, our only rushing TD came from 30 yards out by Noel Devine. What I wanted to see, and got to see, was more second level blocking from the o-line. That, coupled with our ability to pass the ball successfully, gave Noel plenty of room to run and he took care of business to the tune of 200+ yards. Great day for the run game AND we didn’t have to run White into the ground.

All in all, it was a complete victory. The fact that we unleashed 31 unanswered points is lost on no one, but let’s make sure to give the D big props, as well. The win was helped along by the absolutley raucous Night Game in Morgantown atmosphere. It was a lot of fun, and I’ve got to say, for the first time since the ECU game, I don’t feel alone in thinking that this team can still have a successful season.

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